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Paso Robles Groundwater Basin Advisory Committee



  • To advise the Board of Supervisors (BOS), acting either as the San Luis Obispo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District or San Luis Obispo County, concerning policy decisions relating to:
    • Implementation of the Basin Groundwater Management Plan
    • Development of an "enhanced" Groundwater Management Plan for the Basin
    • Formation of a new water district
    • Transition of an initial County-supported district to an independent district
    • Other policies and ordinances
  • To serve as a public forum to discuss and collect comments on Basin issues.
  • Click to read the bylaws, meeting guidelines and practice to which this body adheres.

Latest Reports and Information


  • The Advisory Committee's term has ended after the January 21, 2016 meeting. Please read the letter to the Members and Alternates from the Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Lynn Compton: PBAC Thank You

Agendas and Minutes

Submitted Documents


Paso Robles Groundwater Basin Advisory Committee




Agencies and Organizations

   Atascadero Mutual Water Company

John Neil

Jaime Hendrickson

   Central Coast Vineyard Team

Kris Beal

Willy Cunha

   City of Atascadero

Nick DeBar

Ryan Hayes

   City of Paso Robles

Dick McKinley

Christopher Alakel

   City of San Luis Obispo

John Ashbaugh

Noah Evans

   County of Monterey (Resources Management Agency)

Tom Moss

Carl Holm

   Monterey County Water Resources Agency

Robert Johnson

Howard Franklin

   Paso Robles Imperiled Overlying Rights (PRIOR)

Steve Sinton

Kent Gilmore

   Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance

Patricia Wilmore

Jerry Reaugh

   San Miguel Community Services District

Anthony Kalvans


   Shandon (County Service Area 16)

Susan Howard


   SLO County Cattlemen's Association

Kurt Bollinger

Dale Evanson

   SLO County Farm Bureau

Paul Clark

Megan Silcott

   Templeton Community Services District

Jeff Briltz

Tina Mayer

   Upper Salinas-Las Tablas RCD

Devin Best

Amy Smart


Viticulture Agriculturalist


Dana Merrill

Robert Brown

Non-Viticulture Irrigated Crop Agriculturalist


Bill Spencer

John DeRosier



Sue Harvey

Daniel Meade

Rural Residential

   At-Large (District 1)

Randy Diffenbaugh

Randy Heinzen

   At-Large (District 5)

Erin Faulkner

Dr. Serena Friedman


Sue Luft

Michael Baugh


Claudia Engel

Maria Lorca


Edward C.Redig

Jim DeRose


William Frost

Laurie Gage


George Tracy

Don Wilson



Larry Werner

Miller Newlon

* To be confirmed at an upcoming Board of Supervisors meeting.


Member List Updated 12.12.15

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