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Current News and Information


  • The model runs are now complete and we are in the final stages preparing to present draft reports for both the model and supply options efforts to the Board of Supervisors later in the year. A public meeting to present the initial draft report for the model refinement and runs is scheduled for:


    Thursday, July 21, 2016, 2-4:00 pm

    Templeton Community Center

    601 S. Main Street, Templeton




  • The Advisory Committee's term has ended after the January 21, 2016 meeting. Please read the letter to the Members and Alternates from the Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Lynn Compton: PBAC Thank You



  • The next Advisory Committee meeting will be on 1/21/15 at 2 p.m. at the Paso Robles Council Chambers (1000 Spring Street, Paso Robles). Click here to view the agenda.





  • The Final Computer Model Update Report, Response to Comments and Refinement/Additional Model Runs Scope of Work have been added to the project website. Click on "Computer Modeling" in the Navigation box.



  • A subcommittee page has been added to describe each group's goals and who their members are. Check back for updates. Contact Information, meeting dates and reports will be posted as they become available.
  • The projected schedule for the Study Options study has been added.
  • Information on more current legislation regarding groundwater management has been added to the Mgmt Plan (AB 3030) page. Click to read more on AB 1739 and SB 1168.



More Information

For more information on land use efforts associated with the Paso Basin that are being implemented by the County Planning Department, please visit


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Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) News & Information

Preliminary discussions on possible Groundwater Sustainable Agency (GSA) formation for the Paso Robles Area Groundwater Basin are underway. At this point, it is unknown whether one or more GSAs will be formed for the Paso Basin, and what the details of representation for basin users will be. Once formed, a GSA(s) is required to develop and adopt one or more Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSP) to sustainably manage the basin.


One basin management approach allowed by the Groundwater Sustainability Plan Emergency Regulations approved by the California Water Commission that the GSA(s) could consider is a “Management Areas” concept. An example of this concept using drainage areas is illustrated here:


Paso Robles Area Groundwater Basin – Management Areas Concept Illustration – Drainage Areas Option


Paso Robles Area Groundwater Basin – Management Areas Concept Illustration – Drainage Areas Option


For more information on sustainable groundwater management, please visit our SGMA page.



Groundwater Conditions and Trends

Water Level Change Maps



Hydrographs by Subarea (Last updated: June 2016)




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