San Luis Obispo County Water Resources

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(Sensor 753)



  • At the low level stream crossing, where Chorro Creek crosses Canet Road. West of San Luis Obispo, East of Morro Bay, South of Highway 1 on Canet Road.



  • 1978. The original gauge was removed during construction of the new low water vehicle crossing. A replacement gauge was installed in 2003.




Stream Stage Hydrograph

Timeline: 14 day 7 day 5 day 3 day


Stream Stage Data


Date/Time: Specifies the date and time the County Computer detected a transmission from the sensor.


Stage: Specifies the creek stage (in feet). The creek stage is the water surface level above a reference datum. It should be noted that the County's gauge stations' point of zero stage is several feet below the channel bottom. Therefore, the reported stage will often be greater than the actual water depth.


Discharge: Specifies the instantaneous stream flow rate at the gauge station in cubic feet per second (cfs).



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