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Regional Permitting Plan

The Regional Permitting Plan developed an approach to managing the multitude of permits from different agencies at different levels of government required by the County for carrying out each of its projects. It establishes an orderly set of uniform conditions for projects in order to reduce processing time and increase consistency and effectiveness. It progresses towards a self-monitored permit using internet access for permitting agencies for permitting agencies to monitor compliance by the County. The goal is to eventually have the County issue its own permits, only requiring auditing by the agencies normally entrusted with the permitting authority. The process described in the plan would reduce redundancy and provide a higher quality and more efficient investment of resources. The plan lays out the steps to:


  • Organize consistent conditions from various agencies by project type and resource area.
  • Develop a single, comprehensive permit that is recognized by permitting agencies.
  • Designate one permitting agency to provide oversight and reporting responsibilities over each project.
  • Create and utilize a web portal into their electronic permit monitoring system to allow self-management by the County, with auditing abilities by any permitting agency.

Regional Permitting Plan

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